The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is one of the oldest Laws of the Universe. We are all connected by invisible vibrations. Using the Law of Vibration intentionally, will transform your life.


Before the popularity of the multi-million dollar movie, ‘The Secret’, very few people had heard of the law of vibration, and possibly even less of the law of attraction. While the movie focused on the law of attraction, this is a secondary law, which only exists because of the ‘primary’, law of vibration.

The law of vibration is one of the oldest Laws of the Universe; it states that everything has its own unique electro-magnetic frequency pattern; everything vibrates, including the sky, the trees, the mountains, the chair you are sitting on, your TV, your cat, your dog, you, and every thought and feeling you have ever had.

If your thoughts and feelings are of a low vibration, you will attract people and situations which vibrate at a similar frequency. The same is true if your thoughts and feelings are of a high vibration; you will attract people and situations which vibrate at a similarly high frequency.

The movie The Secret, encouraged people to believe that in order to apply the law of attraction, all you have to do is ‘focus on visualising something; car, house, man/woman of your dreams, and as if by magic, they will appear in your reality’. Like many similar movies, there was some truth mixed-in with a lot of hype. Unfortunately a lot of people were left disappointed when their attempts to manifest their greatest wish disappeared in a puff of hope. No-one highlighted that it’s almost impossible for anyone to become an ‘attractor factor’ for their desire, if the frequency they are vibrating with is the frequency of ‘lack’; lack of whatever it is they desire.

The number one rule when it comes to harnessing the power of the law of attraction, is to first change your internal state. This means releasing low vibration trapped frequency patterns [feelings we describe as ‘negative’], as these block the free flow of subtle energy in our body. In addition to blocking our ‘attarctor factor’, these trapped frequency patterns also rob us of clarity. However, the more of these trapped frequency patterns we release, the more clarity we have, and the easier if becomes, to naturally and effectively, allow yourself to vibrate with higher vibration frequency patterns, so we can become an attractor factor for similarly high vibration people and situations.

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Throughout history, ancient sages have understood the importance of vibration when it comes to our mind and body. However, with the advent of Newtonian physics in the 18th Century, using vibration to treat the mind and body, was outlawed as superstitious nonsense. According to Newtomian physics, ‘matter’ – what could be seen, and measured by scientific instruments – was all that mattered. Even when, in the early 19th Century, physicists proved beyond doubt that everything in the Universe is made of energy, the importance of vibration, when it comes to treating the mind and body, continued to be regarded as superstitious nonsense by the majority of doctors and scientists.

There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration.

—Max Planck, Nobel prize winning physicist

Modern medicine continues to follow the principles of Newtonian physics, treating the body as a machine, made up of parts. The 19th Century heralded the emergence of various ‘specialities’ to treat the body’s material ‘parts’; cardiology, nephrology, neurology, etc.


While traditional science and medicine has continued to ignore the importance of vibration when it comes to treating the mind and body, others have shown great interest.

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Water reacts to the vibration of our thoughts

In 2004, Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto published his book ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’. I bought a copy in 2005, when his ideas were still widely ridiculed. Fast-forward to 2019, and Emoto’s ideas are increasingly accepted. Dr Emoto revolutionized the idea that our thoughts, feelings and intentions impact the physical realm. Using high-speed photography, Dr. Emoto demonstrated that when specific, concentrated thoughts, feelings and/or intentions, are directed toward water, the shape of the frozen crystals formed in the water reflect the vibration of whatever has been directed towards them, whether it is a thought, the written word, or music.

Here are photographs of some of the crystals formed after water had been exposed to the vibration of thoughts, feelings and music.

The higher the vibration of the thought, the more exquisite the formation of the crystals. The lower the vibration, the less formation, if any, in the crystals.

In the same way a magnet attracts steel, we attract energy that resonates at a similar frequency to our own.

– Christy Whitman, author, and speaker

Plants react to the vibration of our intentions

Cleve Backster, who worked for the CIA and was credited with designing the first Lie Detector, although Backster preferred to call his polygraph a ‘truth detector’. One day, in his lab, Backster saw a Dracaena plant and wondered if he could measure the plant’s level of water-absorption, so he hooked-up his polygraph machine to the plant and waited. However, the read-out was the opposite of what he expected. Backster was puzzled, and began to wonder what the read-out would show if he lit a match and burned a leaf of ther plant. At that very instant, the recording pen of the polygraph went wild. After checking everything he could think of, and ruling that nothing else had changed, Backster concluded that the plant had read his mind. Further experiments proved his conclusion was correct; plants have a structure akin to ours, and react to the vibration of our feelings / intentions.

Personal evidence of plants reacting to feelings

When I attended my first Silva Mind seminar in 1986, we carried out a similar experiment. We put dried seeds into two identical sprouting containers with a small amount of water. ‘I love you’, was written on one container, and ‘I hate you’ on the other. The attendees were divided into two groups. One group was instructed to send loving feelings to the seeds in the container marked ‘I love you’, while the other group was instructed to send hateful feelings to the seeds in the container marked ‘I hate you’. Each container was left on the same windowsill under the same conditions. We were asked to continue sending loving, or hateful feelings to the seeds in our designated container. When we returned the following week-end, the sprouts in the ‘I love you’ container were thriving, while the seeds in the ‘I hate you’ container were about 1/3rd the size, and much less vibrant.

The vibration of words can change our DNA

Russian researcher Pyotr Gariajev and his team of researchers, refused to believe nature was so wasteful, that it would allow 90% of our DNA to be ‘junk’, as this unidentified part of our DNA was called by most scientists at the time His team of geneticists, biophysicists, biologists and linguists set-out to test their theory that vibration and language had an impact on DNA.

Amongst other things, they discovered:

  • Our DNA is like a biological internet.
  • The frequency -vibration- of words can be so powerful it can be used to re-programme our DNA.
  • Our DNA stores data, like a computer’s memory bank
  • Our DNA can be changed, and re-arranged with spoken words and phrases. Gariajev stressed that using the correct frequency is key.
  • Our DNA uses grammar rules and syntax, in a way that closely mirrors human language
  • Gariajev and his team believed that human languages are a reflection of our inherent DNA and do not appear coincidentally. Many believe that the Russian team’s finding prove what ancient sages have known for millennia; our body and mind can be healed by using the vibration of language, words and thought.

    There is more to Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy.

    – Hamlet, Shakespeare

    The Placebo effect

    The placebo effect demonstrates that we can heal our body by thought alone. However, there is also a phenomenon known as the nocebo effect, whereby negative thoughts have a negative effect on the body. By thinking negative thoughts, we cause our cells to stop the production of chemicals which promote growth, repair and reproduction.

    Energy Psychology

    Around the 1980s open-minded physchologists began to explore how the new discoveries about energy could be used to improve how they treat their clients. The first ‘energy psychology’ technique to emerge was ‘Thought Field Therapy’ aka TFT. After the success of TFT, many others followed, including EFT, aka Energy Psychology Techiniques

    Energy psychology is based on the premise that if we fail to resolve how we feel about an upsetting experience, the frequency pattern of the feeling becomes trapped in our body. Hypno-Sensing is the latest of these tedchniques to emerge. You can read more about ‘Talk Therapy V Hypno-Sensing by clicking this link

    If you want to understand the Universe, think Energy, Frequency & Vibration.

    Nikola Tesla, engineer, inventor, visionary

    Moving Forward…

    There is no denying it, we are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational Universe. Yes, we are made of proteins, genes, flesh, blood, bones and cartilage, but at the grass-roots level, every part of us is made of entangled particles of vibrating energy. The truth can be suppressed, but it cannot be denied. It may take time, but the importance of vibration when it comes to healing our minds and bodies, will prevail.

    All truth comes in three stages. First it is violently opposed, second it is ridiculed, third it is regarded as being self-evident.

    -Arthur Schopenhauer 19th Century philosopher

    You can read more about the wonders of using vibration to heal our mind and body, in my book Hypno-Sensing; a 21st Century Formula for Happiness. It will be published in 2020 [cate to be confirmed].

    Hypno-Sensing embodies the latest discoveries about how we can use the vibration of our thoughts, feelings and intention to transform the trapped energy caused by our subconscious beliefs, and disempowering thoughts and feelings. The Hypno-Sensing process allows you to release the trapped energy, rewrite your subconscious beliefs, raise your vibration, and transform your life in the process.

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    The Hippies Were Right: It’s All About Vibrations… Man!

    – Scientific American

    If you would like to discuss whether Hypno-Sensing can help you, or your loved-ones, please request a call-back by sending me a text message to 079252 61616.