Hypno-Sensing was finally launched in March 2020 after more than six years in development. The main goal was to find an easy way people could use to re-write the  subconscious programs they unwittingly adopted as young children, by internalising the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of others – mostly their parents. However, if we grow up to have different attitudes, beliefs and behaviours from our parents, the disconnect between our subconscious programming and our conscious intentions, can easily sabotage our attempts to solve the problems many people face these days: relationship problems, weight problems, anger issues, self-esteem issues, addictive behaviours, depression… After using Hypno-Sensing to rewrite their self-sabotaging subconscious programs, people report many -often unexpected- transformations in their lives. 

Hear what others have to say.

  Your subconscious programs are not yours. They belong to other people. If you rewrite your subconscious programs, you can transform your life.

–  Bruce Lipton, ‘The Biology of Belief’


Most of our subconscious programming is in place before we are seven years old. By the time our rational ‘conscious’ mind develops -around 7-8 yrs old- our beliefs about who we are and how we fit into the world have already been hard-wired into our subconscious mind, based on our irrational reactions to events and situation. Unfortunately, if we don’t change the programming, it will influence every aspect of our adult lives. Our subconscious programming determines how we handle stressful situations: relationships / money / career / weight / health etc. Fortunately, our subconscious programming can be rewritten. Hypno-Sensing was developed to rewrite the disempowering subconscious programs which cause us so much stress and anxiety and rob us of clarity.

 Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man

― St Ignatius de Loyola [founder of the Jesuit brotherhood]


When you were young, you had no control over your subconscious programming. But as an adult, you can take full control and rewrite the disempowering programs which cause stress, sabotage your conscious intentions, rob you of clarity and get you the same outcomes, time after time…. Rewriting these programs will allow you to choose your outcomes and transform your life. As your subconscious programs were written without your conscious consent, you owe it to yourself to rewrite the programs which don’t serve you, so you can be the best version of yourself, and finally achieve your heart’s desire.

 Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.  

– Earle Nightingale, Nightingale Conant 


In this video, Fedora, a successful offshore drilling engineer, shares her experience with Hypno-Sensing. For 15 years, she applied regularly for a prized job in her field but was never invited for an interview. However, after Hypno-Sensing sessions, she changed her beliefs to ‘I deserve this job’. The next time the job was advertised, she applied with a different mindset. She sailed through 3 interviews and started her dream job in September 2019. Fedora is
currently going from success to success; something you will also experience with Hypno-Sensing

    95% of chronic stress is fuelled by trapped emotional energy

– Candace Pert, ‘Molecules of Emotion’


The Covid-19 pandemic which has dominated world news and impacted our lives on an unprecedented scale since March 2020, has highlighted the need for anti-stress treatments such as HYPNO-SENSING. Short-term stress -often called ‘fight or flight’- can be desirable and even lifesaving. However, chronic stress -such as many are currently experiencing- is not only undesirable on an emotional level, it also suppresses our immune response and puts us at risk of falling victim to severe symptoms of this opportunistic Covid-19 infection. For more information, please see Covid-19 Protection and/or read my blog ‘CHRONIC STRESS COVID-19

 Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the bodyn

— Professor William Tiller


While many felt a sense of entrapment when lockdown was announced, a lot of the same people soon welcomed escaping their 100 mile-an-hour lives, so coming out of lockdown is causing new stresses for many. Large numbers no longer want to go back to their old job -time spent in reflection has caused many to realise they were unhappy in their job. Others are anxious about catching the virus -one survey claims at least 30% are fearful of catching the virus once lockdown ends. Fear and anxiety paralyse our thought processes. Hypno-Sensing releases the trapped energy that causes fear and anxiety and provides clarity

 When anxiety comes in the door, clarity jumps out the window

– Barbara Vining [my grandmother]


Most people are unaware of who they really are, often trying to fit in with others’ opinions and/or live-up to other peoples’ expectations of them. Rewriting your subconscious programming will allow the real you to surface. Being the ‘real you’ does not make you egotistical – it provides clarity and an inner knowingness about the right things to say and do. As a bonus, you will become aware of the increasing respect people have for you. The best way to allow the real you to surface, is to rewrite the disempowering subconscious programming which has imprisoned your true self and robbed you of clarity.

 To be yourself when the world is trying to make you someone else, is the greatest accomplishment

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


I am currently offering a considerable discount on the fee for all Hypno-Sensing sessions in exchange for honest feedback. Some of the feedback will be selected for inclusion -with permission of course- in my book ‘Hypno-Sensing – a 21st Century Formula for Happiness’, which will be published early next year, 2021. The fee will remain at the greatly reduced price of £75* until my book is published, after which it will increase to the normal rate of £195. The Hypno-Sensing process includes 90 minutes counselling and preparation, prior to your 1-hour Hypno-Sensing session. [2 ½ hrs in total]. The last part of your session is recorded. Listening to your 10-15-minute recording regularly, will reinforce your new subconscious programming.

*Chronic stress is a major risk-factor for developing severe Covid-19 symptoms. I am extending my reduced fee offer to anyone who is suffering from stress and wants to avoid developing severe symptoms of this opportunistic virus…if they do catch it.

  Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition will one day become our reality.                                             - Earle Nightingale, co-founder of Nightingale Conant

Marjorie Green

PS My Bioresonance clients experienced Hypno-Sensing before it was released to the general public. They have shared their experience in video testimonials. To hear what they have to say, please click the link.