Masaru Emotocontnd. + Silva Mind…

Long before his book was published, I had similar experiences to Masaru Emoto’s discoveries. They relate to events during ‘Silva Mind Control’ seminars I attended in 1986 & 1988. I knew nothing about ‘visualization techniques’ at the time, but had been urged to attend by my aunt, who was a wardrobe mistress at STV. She was staying with me In London, while she attended a Silva Mind Control seminar. This was 18 years before Emoto’s book was published.

NB, Silva Mind Control teaches you how to optimize YOUR mind. It’s not about controlling the minds of other people😉

Towards the end of the first week end we were divided into two groups. The first group was instructed to send loving thoughts to some seeds which had been put in two cups, which were placed on the windowsill -each cup was lined with cotton wool, soaked with enough water to last a week. The second group was similarly instructed, except they were asked to send their seeds ‘hateful thoughts. Each group’s thoughts were also written on the outside of their cup. Both groups were asked to send their seeds their specified thoughts during the following week.

By the next weekend week, our ‘loving thoughts’ group’s seeds had grown about 4 inches, and looked vibrant and strong, while the other group’s seeds had barely grown one inch and looked very weak. At the time, I was still wearing my skeptic’s hat, so I was not fully convinced it was ‘kosher’…

Then during that same weekend we were asked to use an animal as part of an exercise in ‘remote viewing’ and ‘healing at a distance’. I used my little dog Lucy, who had just been diagnosed with epilepsy. The exercise took part just after lunchtime. We were asked to move each of our animals through our ‘mind’s eye’, so we could ‘see’ them from all angles, before ‘going inside’ their body to ‘see’ if we could find anything wrong, then we were asked to mentally ‘fix’ anything we found that seemed ‘out of place’.

When my partner picked me up that evening, he said he was concerned about Lucy -she had only recently been diagnosed with epilepsy, so we were being extra vigilant.Then he began to describe why he was concerned. I was open-mouthed as he described EXACTLY what I had been doing to Lucy in the exercise: getting her to stand up…turning her to the left…then the right… sitting down… standing up again… Then I asked him when this happened. When he said “Early afternoon” I had shivers down my spine. I was spooked, but Lucy went on to live until she was 17, and never had another epileptic episode -and never needed medication.

Then, something that had never happened before in my life happened …We had all been asked -during the second weekend- to take part in a draw. The prize was free attendance at the next London ‘Silva Ultra Seminar’. This was their ‘healing seminar’, hosted by ‘Jose’ Silva himself. I had NEVER won anything of significant value in my life, so I was shocked when it was announced that I had won the top prize of free entry to the next Silva Ultra healing seminar in 1988, which was to be hosted by Jose Silva himself. He was in his late 80s and it was the last time ‘Jose’ conducted a seminar in London. I was honored.

During the Ultra healing seminar, we were given a list of ten men and women. All we were told was their sex and their age. We were told each one of them had some physical ailment, and we were asked to ‘sense’ what it was, and then to send them healing energy.

At the end of the exercise, we were told what ailments each person was suffering from. I diagnosed the conditions astonishingly accurately in 8/10 cases, and some of the ailments were so obscure I thought what I intuited couldn’t possibly be true.
I was so unnerved by this that I shied away from doing anything like this for some time – I was worried I might send the wrong ‘energy’ and make things worse for someone. However, I later realized that if you have the right intention when sending healing energy, you can do no harm.

Was me winning the draw, a ‘message from the Universe’ to let me know I was on the right path, and should continue? Well, I eventually did continue, and the journey led to me developing Hypno-Sensing. As Hypno-Sensing is so effective, I hope the journey continues, and I look forward to seeing where it takes me next😉

  There is more to Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy.

                     – Hamlet, Shakespeare